Sempiler supports the try construct, or the equivalent mechanism in your source language.


There is only general catch support at present, meaning that you cannot provide handlers for specific classes of error.

A draft plan is to support the overloads construct in a catch context to achieve this elegantly, but this will be a future enhancement.

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There is currently no finally support because it is not a mechanism that all languages support. It will be coming in a future release, but it’s usage will still be predicated on target platform support.


The spec for how throw should work is still under review, insofar as what types of expression are allowed to be thrown.

In languages like JavaScript and TypeScript, you may throw many more kinds of expression than in languages like Java. As with many Sempiler design decisions, the most likely implementation will validate throw expressions using the semantics of the target platform.

Error handling still has limited support at this early stage in the project. In any case, try is still useful for intercepting errors from calls to stub APIs.